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What do people really think about highly discounted fonts? What components of fonts are actually the most important? How do people feel about font subscription services? This anonymous, 10-minute survey is part of a student thesis focused on the marketing and misuse of digital products. In the thesis, fonts are used as the vehicle to study the behavior of digital products. This survey focuses on consumer purchasing behavior rather than consumer style preference, and the intended respondents are Creative Professionals who often interact with fonts. Some results of this thesis and survey will be released publicly at its completion, so that members of the community can benefit from the results.

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Mary Catherine Pflug works as an event coordinator for Mama’s Sauce Print Shop in Orlando, Florida. She will graduate from the Honors Program at Rollins College in May of 2016 with a degree in International Business. In college, she co-founded the award-winning magazine The Independent, and has since been awarded for her work in publishing. This is her third year as a SOTA board member. In her spare time, she designs typefaces, volunteers with AIGA, and eats doughnuts.